Katie Rourke Dowding

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I bought some mature face cream from you at the August show.  I decided to experiment with it and used your cream on one half of my face for 6 weeks and my regular Lancome cream on the other.  At the end of this period whilst having my facial I asked my beautician to carefully examine my skin under her magnifying lamp and, without telling her what I had done, or what I had used, I asked her to tell me whether there was a difference.

She spent several minutes and came to the conclusion that one side was plumper than the other, but that that side had broken capillaries and a few tiny blemishes.  In comparison, the other side had better skin tone, was more even and was better hydrated.  There were fewer broken capillaries, no blemishes and in her opinion, this was the better side.

She was totally astonished when I told her what I had done.

And naturally, I won’t be spending my money anywhere but with you in future!!