Pre-show Marketing

What you should do

Let People Know!

Any successful event requires footfall! Here are some things you can do before the fair to help maximise your stall investment:

  • Please Blu tac a flyer and put in the back of your car window/house window.
  • Distribute flyers. (these I will give to you in person or send in the post)
  • Invite your existing and any prospective customers to visit the fair.
  • If you maintain a customer mailing list (and you should do!) email them the show details.
  • Add the event to your Facebook page (and any other social media accounts you use). Let people know where you’ll be!
  • Add event information to your website.
  • Consider updating your email signature to advertise your next show.
  • Check you have sufficient business cards.

What I do

As event organiser, in addition to the list above, I also market all my events as follows:

  • Design and get printed a minimum of 1,000 flyers for each event and post to all the stall holders.
  • Design/print/laminate posters and distribute to shops, libraries, doctors surgeries, etc. in local surrounding areas.
  • Paid advertising in local papers, Green Events, South West Connection etc.
  • Design and hang banners in local area.
  • Door to door drop of flyers in local area when possible.
  • Enter events on Facebook Events and website events sites such as ‘What’s on Cornwall’.
  • Blu tac flyers in the back of my car window.
  • Posters/roller banners, inside/outside the event on the day.