Barbara Homziuk

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I had a problem with one ear for several months, not being able to hear properly.  Being over 60 I thought a hearing test would let me know what’s going on. It proved that I had wax build-up. As you get older the wax doesn’t clear out as easily and of course I tried the cotton swabs but only made it worse. I met Elaine at one of the many fairs that she attends and set up an appointment for Hopi Ear Candling. I’ve done it before and it helped. This time it didn’t clear up after one treatment. Elaine did say that sometimes it will take three or four to get it cleared properly. I was getting impatient after three but lo and behold, two days after the third treatment, my ear popped open and I could hear again! Thanks to Elaine’s encouragement and patience I am not asking people to repeat things or turning up the volume on the TV!

Along with the ear candling, which was very gentle and non-invasive, Elaine massaged my face and neck with virgin argan oil, rosewater cleanser and her dry/mature face cream, leaving my skin feeling clean and refreshed. I highly recommend this treatment instead of ear syringing which is most uncomfortable and unpleasant. Elaine is knowledgeable and experienced with many treatments and products to help naturally.  I’ve also used her shampoo and lip balm which are excellent!