Winter Body Care

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Hello and welcome to AromAware.  Its still cold and windy outside – a good time to look after your skin with my body lotions.  I have three different varieties  – Luxiourous Patchouli & Ylang Ylang  with Callendula – Patchouli – An earthy and exotic fragrance,  yet also sweet and spicy. Ylang Ylang – Sweet floral and exotic, known for its aphrodisiac qualities, with Calendula. Luxious Geranium with Sweet Orange & Calendula – Puts the mind back into balance and helps reduce stress. Sweet Orange – Like a ray of sunshine, helps dispel tension and stress of the day, with  Calendula.  And finally My Angel Essence with Calendula – My Angel Essence – A relaxing and fragrant oil that smells similar to a mix of lavender, Patchouli and vanilla. with Calendula. I use Calendula as it Promotes healing and skin repair,  its a really lovely rich oil for your skin. I also use it in my Dry/Mature face cream.

The best time to apply body lotions/creams is when you first come out of the bath/shower  after drying your skin whilst its still warm – the lotion is then more easily absorbed into the skin.  If  the skin on your feet is dry dry applying the cream as you get into bed – the same with hand cream.  Why not have a look at all my creams and lotions for sale  – body lotions  are £4.95.  If you would like to try some of my products why not come along to one of the many fairs I attend.

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