Poster for Mind Body & Spirit Fair on 7th September 2013

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Hi Everyone

This news letter will hopefully be of interest to you.  If you are booked in for just my craft fairs please disregard or maybe come along!

Its not too long now until the event, I have set up a Facebook events page that you can add yourself to and put on photos. Here is a poster to promote the event, if you could print it off and put up in your cars and around where you live please as the more people see it the more will come!  All you need to do is ‘click’ on this link below.

Poster for Mind Body Spirit Fair on 7th September 2013 (PDF)

Keep a look out in the Herald the Saturday before the event in their new magazine!

I will be in contact again shortly before the event with information on setup and food available on the day


See you soon!