Fair processing policy

Fair Processing Policy  – Privacy Policy

What do I do with your information

Stall holders that fill out a form to attend my events fill out their name, address, email, phone number on the forms

The forms are kept for one year and then disposed of safely by shredding.

Email address – I use this to email the receipt to you after booking. Also as contact to remind you about something to do with the events/something important to do with the event.

This is also added to Mailchimp newsletter – this sends you details of all the information you need to attend my events and also future events & information. You can opt out of this at any time by unsubscribing with Mailchimp.

Address – I use this to send event flyers to you

Phone numbers – I use these to contact you if I have a cancellation and you have requested to go on the reserve list or if there is a problem with the event

You can opt out from any of these at any time by getting in contact with me on 01752 605816. I do not share any of your information with anyone else.


At events I usually go around and take photos of the stall holders this helps with promoting you as a stall holder and also the event itself. I will ask you to sign a form so that you are happy with this, but once you have signed it, you do have the right to change your mind at any time or if you are not happy with a photo you can contact me and ask for it to be removed.

Where will the photos be used? They will be used for Facebook and sometimes in newspapers for adverting the event or on my website. They are also uploaded onto my Facebook page AromAware Events so that you are able to use them anytime by downloading them.


Customers email address’s for mailing lists Facebook

These are emails given to me by the public at events. They request to go on my Mailchimp newsletter mailing list. You can opt out at any time from this with Mailchimp by unsubscribing.


Most of you will be added to my Facebook pages –

AromAware Events Stall Holders Set Up Details

HOLISTIC fairs & courses South Wes

HOLISTIC stall spaces South West

You can opt out for any of these at any time by leaving the group